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On Wed, 16 Jun 2021, Rob Herring wrote:
> > - subsystem maintainers can configure whatever CI pre-checks they want before
> >   the series is sent to them for review (and we can work on a library of
> >   Github actions, so nobody needs to reimplement multiple times)
> What about all the patches that don't come from the GH PR? Those need
> CI pre-checks too. We're going to implement CI twice? The biggest
> issue I have on CI checks is applying patches. My algorithm is apply
> to my current base (last rc1 typically) or give up. I'm sure it could
> be a lot smarter trying several branches or looking at base-commit
> (not consistently used) or the git diff treeish hashes. What I'd
> really like is some bot or script that's applying series and
> publishing git branches with a messageid to git branch tool. 0-day is
> doing this now. Basically, the opposite direction as others have
> mentioned.

It exists: it is called patchew and we are using it in QEMU and in Xen
Project (

It takes patch series off of a mailing list and commits them to a branch
to trigger a CI-loop run. It is also able to send back a "passed" or
"failed" email to the mailing list. It is great!

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