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On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 8:22 PM Konstantin Ryabitsev
<konstantin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> That's pretty cool, but I'm opposed to this on theological grounds. :)
> I think there's intrinsic value to development happening outside of any
> proprietary environments, especially if this becomes cornerstone to how a
> subsystem is maintained.

GitHub being proprietary does not really matter -- we can migrate to
any other similar service quite easily (even a one!,
e.g. a hosted GitLab instance).

> I'm not saying Github is going to go away any time, but on the other hand we
> just watched Freenode completely implode within the span of 3 weeks, so I'm
> extra wary of introducing any single points of value into the development
> workflow. If my pr bot goes away, it'll at most reduce the convenience of the
> submission process, but not hobble it in any way, so I intend to just treat
> Github as a developer frontend tool.

Sure -- that is why the bot does not depend on any "advanced" or
GitHub-specific feature: currently it only needs to read
commits/PR/messages and post messages (i.e. the same as your bot),
which is basic functionality that any GitHub/GitLab/...-like service
must provide.


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