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On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 08:18:43PM +0200, Eric Wong wrote:
> > Is that intentional, or can this be tweaked to show a single result for the
> > same message-id?
> Not really.  At least for the summary search results, it makes
> no sense:
> The underlying cause that can be seen in
> is the Mailman-added signature for one of the posts.

Ack, hopefully we'll get all Mailman list managers to clue in and stop
mangling subject/bodies. It's kind of required for DKIM-signed messages

> I've been considering adding a "diff view" to more easily pick
> out differences between messages with identical Message-ID with
> subtly different content, but it could be expensive for PSGI...
> I will probably prototype it in lei, first.

I was going to suggest "show the one for which the DKIM signature is valid"
but this is even more expensive. ;)

Thanks for your help.


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