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On 11/06/2020 11:11, Guillaume Tucker wrote:
> + workflows
> On 02/06/2020 22:22, Guillaume Tucker wrote:
>> As the KernelCI project keeps growing, we need to know a bit
>> better what the Linux kernel community needs in terms of
>> automated testing.  We would really appreciate if you could
>> please spare one minute to fill this survey form:
> Sending out a big Thank You for all the replies we have received
> already, your input is proving to be highly valuable.  We thought
> it would also be relevant to share this on the workflows mailing
> list and reach a slightly broader audience while the survey is
> still open.
> Please feel free to fill the form if you haven't done so already
> and share the link above with others you think might be
> interested.

Thanks again everyone who has responded to the survey.  Here's
the detailed report which also includes a spreadsheet with the
full results (minus any personal information):

Please also note that we've decided to re-open the form until the
end of August, in case some of you missed the opportunity to
respond before.  The link is the same as in my previous email:

Best wishes,

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