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On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 10:01:05PM -0500, Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:
> You can see that the git command it gives you has a different branch and 
> parent info, which should let you do an easy diff between two branches, 
> one using v6, and the other using v7 versions.

I love it -- I've been missing this between gerrit and patchwork, and
now I don't need a GUI at all. :)

> Please give it a try and let me know your feedback! You can find it here:
> It's a bit raw around the edges and I keep finding corner-cases, so it 
> would be super interesting for me to get input from people actually 
> trying to use it for managing patch series.

I'll give it a spin; thanks!

Kees Cook

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