TAN: SSIA emails [was: matrix.org as a replacement for IRC?]

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"Aneesh Kumar K.V" <aneesh.kumar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Was there any discussion around using matrix.org or any other
> alternative as a replacement for IRC? This should help to avoid setting
> up irc proxy to keep track of discussion when the users are not online.

Going off on a tangent here, I've been thinking about detecting
and displaying Subject-Says-It-All (SSIA) emails in a more
concise way for public-inbox.

That would give some benefits of chat and save readers' time in
having less text to wade through; while still retaining
threading and offline capability of email.

I'm not aware of any existing MUAs which support, it, though;
so I'm hesitant to have public-inbox be the first...

> IIUC both KDE and mozilla switched to matrix as their IRC replacement.

Not sure how those orgs operate, but I find synchronous
communication tiring and difficult when people are operating
between several different timezones.  It's especially difficult
when several topics are being discussed in parallel.

I still use IRC privately, but only with small groups and mostly
for non-technical topics ("watercooler talk"); but some of my
fellow chatters have been wanting to move over to proprietary
replacements :<

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