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But what does "\0" mean, and where is it documented? In this context, it clearly means zero, but not false, so the intention is to check for the presence of the tested string.

It seems that the backslash means to treat as a literal zero character, which then gets treated as a "true" zero value, rather than a false. I get PHP's dynamic typing, but this seems a bit tortuous, and I would always use your idiom ( !== false) whic is much more the PHP way.


On 8/19/2014 2:58 PM, Christoph Becker wrote:
Jacob Kruger wrote:

As in, while my first guess would be that they'd meant to use just the
number 0, what would your guesstimate be relating to why someone would in
fact use the following syntax as part of determining if a certain
phrase/string was included in a variable's value?

//start excerpt...
if (strpos ($text, "<b>") >= "\0")
//end excerpt

Well, using "0" or 0 instead of "\0" would result in unintended
behavior.  Consider strpos() returning 0, because the $needle is found
at the very beginning of $haystack.  See <>, where
the second and third results are not desired.

However, I prefer the following way to test that a string is contained
in another string:

   if (strpos($haystack, $needle) !== false)

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