Re: What could the intention be of someone using "\0" in comparison be?

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Jacob Kruger wrote:

> As in, while my first guess would be that they'd meant to use just the
> number 0, what would your guesstimate be relating to why someone would in
> fact use the following syntax as part of determining if a certain
> phrase/string was included in a variable's value?
> //start excerpt...
> if (strpos ($text, "<b>") >= "\0")
> //end excerpt
> ???

Well, using "0" or 0 instead of "\0" would result in unintended
behavior.  Consider strpos() returning 0, because the $needle is found
at the very beginning of $haystack.  See <>, where
the second and third results are not desired.

However, I prefer the following way to test that a string is contained
in another string:

  if (strpos($haystack, $needle) !== false)

Christoph M. Becker

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