Color scheme/table differences, from operating system to operating system?

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What with all my attempts to sort out image manipulation, etc., am now working on playing around with imageMagick, and seems to be handling most things well enough, but, one specific thing am trying to figure out now is that when used GD to scan an image pixel by pixel and determine the colours to make sure if the image had been processed, or not, seemed to work well enough, except that the actual image manipulation/output seemed to not be working out.

Anyway, now have imagick 2.3.0 operating here on my windows7 64 bit development machine, in conjunction with XAMPP, and when I scan through an image using the sort of combination of the following code, where $X and $Y are set to something like integer values of 10 and 10:
getImagePixelColor($X, $Y)->getColorAsString()

On the one test image file, which is plain white, here on my windows system, it will return following:


Whereas if I then run the same bit of code on the exact same image file, but operating on the debian linux hosting server, with imageMagick 3.0.0 RC1, it returns the following:


Now am using string functions, and explode to then convert that output string into an array of R G and B values to then convert those into the hexadecimal CSS colour, and am also sort of assuming image is still displaying correctly after being manipulated, but, just wondering what's causing the differences in colour scheme/renditions, etc.?

Version differences, or operating system difference?


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