Determining an external function/method's argument/parameter listing..?

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If I managed to determine that a ffunction/method exists for an external class, by finding it in the array returned by the get_class_methods('className') function, but, then how would I determine the required/possible parameters for one of those functions/methods..?

Inside a function itself you can call something like func_get_args() but that is, I think, meant to return a list of passed arguments/parameters, and can only be called from inside a function itself, whereas, I would like to possibly determine what arguments/parameters a function expects/requires, hopefully then at least being able to derive from the names what types/values they then expect..?

In other words, would like to find some way to find out the sort of function definition etc.

And, yes, it would be nice to have a look at the source code am referring to, but in this specific case, it seems like it might not be best to ask too many questions...<smile>

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