Simple, clean example of PHP, MySQL shopping cart scripts

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Ok, while am pretty sure could do this myself from scratch without any real issues, just wondering what guys would recommend looking into/at with regard to something like examples of relatively simple, clean, free shopping cart script examples, preferably making use of/including the following (unrelated) features etc.:-

admin section for products/orders
product detail possibly including title, pricing, keywords, categories, descriptions, and possible image uploads
front-end user registration
shopping cart support
order placement/checkout
etc. etc.

Like said would like something relatively clean, simple, etc. since could then easily enough make mods/changes to it if/when wanted to add other features to it, or turn off existing ones, but anyway...suggestions?

Have already had a look at a couple of ones out there, but they generally seem to try to implement too many extra features that don't seem necessary as such, etc.

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