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I have started creating a Wine Installation Wizard from a GUI interface so
that almost any user can just run the script/program to install or
uninstall Wine, from source, or from a package. Right now, I've spent most
of my time getting Wine from source working and have so far succeeded. From
the Installation Wizard, I can download the latest version of Wine from the
website, compile it, and install it. I can even uninstall an older source
version of Wine, as long as the Wizard is told where the source is. No
knowledge of commandline is required, although it would probably be easier
on you if you do. The program runs the install-wine-deps script, so an
out-of-the-box Ubuntu installation should have no problem running the
script to completion. I have attached the program to this email. Right now,
it's still in the alpha version, and is by no means complete. For some
reason, some of the windows appear very large. Just hit enter to proceed to
the next window. I also suggest you run this from a terminal so you can
understand how it works, or read the code yourself. I hope someone finds
this useful!

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