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Dear Peter:
  Thank for your quick and detailed answer.
  I have test vlan config, it's ok; but while using brouter, everything turn bad.
  I will buy two intel 82559 desktop nic, and test it again.

2007-02-28,Peter Stuge <stuge-vlan@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 10:22:41PM +0800, net-wolf wrote:
> Hi, all:
> I haved tried config setup 1b as mentioned by
> But failed,   67%  of  the ping packet from box a to box b is lost,
> and no more than 1% of  ping packet can reach box a from box b.

That's bad. :(

> My os is fedora 5 ,nic is realtek 8039, any hints is appreciated.

It should just work<tm>. Have you already tested the NICs in A and B?
One good way is to connect A and B with a crossover cable, remove the
vlan config from A and try to communicate.

Another thing to try for this problem is to sniff the connections
between A and switch, and between switch and B, using a separate
computer and preferably a hub to really see what gets sent on the

> Also, will  who succeeded with setup 1b tell me your linux os
> version and nic type?
> I will try redhat 9 and intel 82559 nic as soon as possible.

Fedora should work just as well as RH9, but trying the Intel NICs is
a good idea. Make sure you use the e100 driver and not the eepro100
driver though. Only e100 supports VLANs out of the box.

I've gotten the setup to work using various Linux versions
(Slackware, Gentoo, self-built) and Intel NICs as well as 3Com NICs,
but I think the 3Com driver still needs a patch so watch out for
that. Try Intel first if you can. :)

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