[VLAN] 802.1Q - MAC Spoofing

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P Chaitra-A15829 wrote:
> Ben,
> I get the below warning when I try to configure vconfig for the first
> time. 
> [root@arabhi] vconfig add eth0 5
> WARNING:  Could not open /proc/net/vlan/config.  Maybe you need to load
> the 8021q module, or maybe you are not using PROCFS??
> Added VLAN with VID == 5 to IF -:eth0:-
Hi Ben

I ran across this yesterday. I can't remember exactly what the problem 
with vconfig was since I ended up using the Red Hat recommended method.
This works perfectly and you can see exactly what's going on.

I think the problem with the vconfig was you need to do "vconfig add 
eth0.1 5" instead of "vconfig add eth0 5"

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