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I was wondering witch card do u recoment for vlans bb4 or tg3 im running
kernel 2.4.33 but i had some issues with natsemi i installed a path and i
started getting Oversized? Errors.

Allso to know if there are any patches for the tg3 or the bb4.

My simptoms with natsemi where :

This are the simptoms:

Lack of connection and unable to authenticate to a domain server, cant use
RDP client. But in all of this chaos i found that one computer was able to
do everithing with out any problems.

So looking at the inteface of the win xp i noticed that it was a 3com card
and had enabled 802.1p, i disable it and it had exactly the same problems as
the rest, I enabled it again but unfotunately not all network card have this

Is there a way to overcome this issue either with the linux box or using the
catalyst switch

So i wonder if either the bb4 or the tg3 will solve this issues on kernel


Fernando Rodriguez

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