Double stacked VLANs (was Re: [VLAN] Question on header check)

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On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 09:46:39AM +0100, Alex Zeffertt wrote:
> Frederik Deweerdt wrote:
> >On Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at 01:12:06PM +0100, Alex Zeffertt wrote:
> >>I think we've had this conversation before.  Search the list archives for "vlan Q in Q"
> >Thanks for the pointer. Do you know why your patch didn't get merged into mainline?
> A couple of reasons.  Firstly the patch means that the REORDER_HEADER flag (which is set by
> default) cannot be unset.  Unsetting this flag provides a slight performance enhancement
> when bridging between two interfaces and keeping the same tag.
>From what I understood reading your patch, you've suppressed REORDER_HEADER because you 
stripped the vlan tag unconditionally instead. Is this absolutely needed?
> Secondly, the current code allows you to send either untagged or tagged frames to a raw
> socket and the result is the same, a tagged frame is sent.  The patch however, always
> adds a tag irrespective of whether the frame was already tagged.  (This functionality
> *had* to be ditched because if you allow q-in-q then you may *want* your frame double tagged.)
> IMHO, raw sockets *should* always tag, rather than tag or not tag depending on whether the
> frame is already tagged.  It just seems more logical and consistent.
I agree with you, this should however be made optional because this would break backwards
compatibility. What do you think?

> Ciao,
> Alex
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