Double stacked VLANs (was Re: [VLAN] Question on header check)

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On Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at 01:12:06PM +0100, Alex Zeffertt wrote:
> >>Another possible problem:  what if you are trying to encapsulate vlan 7 inside
> >>of vlan 7.  How do you know to double-encapsulate?  What if user-space is sending
> >>a pre-built VLAN frame with a raw socket?  I'm not sure there is enough info as to
> >>the intent to encapsulate or not once the VLAN code receives the packet.
> >I see how my proposal was wrong. Let me wild guess again :). I wondered if the following
> >code could be better. The idea being that the code could determine the need for
> >encapsulating or not from the interface's nesting level and the actual number of VLAN tags in the packet.
> I think we've had this conversation before.  Search the list archives for "vlan Q in Q"
Thanks for the pointer. Do you know why your patch didn't get merged into mainline?


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