[VLAN] VLAN and bridging with xen - WORKAROUND

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From: "Ben Greear" <greearb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Or, it could be a checksum support issue or similar.
> You probably should cross-post this with the bridging and/or xen mailing
> lists...or just send to netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> (I think this is probably more a Xen/Bridging problem than VLANs, though
> it's possible there is a nasty interaction between all three.)

I have found that by disabling TX CHECKSUM OFFLOAD on the veth0/eth0 
(domain0/domainU) xen interface the symptom goes away.  There is still an 
issue with the checksum offload support, but I think have a feasible 
workaround for now (I still want to do a bit more testing). Thank you to 
everyone that provided assistance.

Greg :-)

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