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Hi man,

        Can you explain more meticulously about your bridge and your 

Best regards,


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I'm trying to pass vlan tagged packets through linux bridge without success.

net diagram:

LAN --- eth0 - router A - eth1 with eth1.10 ---- br0 bridge ---- eth1
with eth1.10 - router B - eth0 --- LAN

Is it possible to set tag 10 on router A, pass tagged packets through
the bridge and "read" tagged packet on router B ?

I tried it but sth strange happend - arp request from router A passed
through br0 and arrived on router B, but arp reply shows only on router
B - I can't see it on br0.

Is it OK or not ? All ethernet card are eepro100 (patched). I have no
problems when the routers are directly connected or when using vlan switch.




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