[VLAN] Linux bridge+vlan+tagging

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On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 09:36:52AM -0700, Matthew Janzen wrote:
> I'm attempting to do something very similar to what Piccalo refers
> to here, but am not able to find the document with "setup 1b" that
> you referred to - the URL it was at previously doesn't appear to
> exist anymore.  If the document still exists, would you mind
> pointing me in the right direction?

The WayBack machine is your friend! :)


Don't forget the REORDER_HDR settings below if you want to run a DHCP
server on either VLAN interface.

> > > vconfig set_flag eth1.2 1 1
> > > vconfig set_flag eth1.3 1 1
> > > vconfig set_flag eth1.4 1 1

Hope it works out!


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