Re: Warning : Failed to set up UEFI / The Libvirt version does not support UEFI / Install options are limited...

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I don't agree with some of your assumptions,for example :

1) to send a screenshot is most of the time more informative than copy and paste text,because it contains more information. To describe complicated situations using only words takes a LOT of time,sometimes. Especially for the newbies,that aren't so skilled and they may have some difficulty in including or not some information. And even for the lack of a technical language.

2) From my experience, going to irc to ask for help can be a problem for the time zone. Every time I tried to go to an IRC channel,I've always found bots and not talking users.

3) The rejection of emails happens even if I don't attach any screenshots (a thing that I do rarely),and my messages are also rejected because when I hit reply also all the story is attached. I think that it's important to attach the story  because it may contains important details that could be missed

On Fri, Aug 25, 2023 at 8:24 PM Eric Blake <eblake@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Fri, Aug 25, 2023 at 07:13:26PM +0200, Mario Marietto wrote:
> I've sent you an email on your personal email address because the ML does
> not accept pictures,but I need to show you a picture to help you to
> understand well. I don't approve this rule of the ML,it does not help those
> who want to learn and for this reason need to be exhaustive when there is a
> strong need to explain well.

The list has a cap at 300k for a reason.  Sending larger attachments
to the list then multiplies out to gigabytes of network data when
counting the number of subscribers, even though many of those
subscribers are not actively participating in the thread.  Sending a
URL to an image hosted externally uses much less bandwidth.  Also, if
the problem is something that happens in a terminal window, it is less
bandwidth-intensive to just copy/paste the contents of the terminal
(as text) instead of attaching a screenshot to your email, and no less

You may also try IRC; there, you can probably get faster turnaround
times than waiting for emails to bounce back and forth.

although at the end of the day, email is more persistent and reaches a
larger audience whereas IRC only reaches whoever is online at the time.

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