Re: [PATCH] late checking of permissions during PTRACE_ATTACH

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Thanks very much for your report.  I'm sorry there's been such a delay
before I could follow it up.

> ptrace_attach() does permissions check _after_ actual attaching. Given
> that utrace_attach is quite non-trivial operation there is no way such
> ordering should be allowed -- the following program should crash the box
> in less than second.

utrace_attach is intended to be a reasonably cheap operation.  Anyway, we
are never too concerned about the performance of an error case.  

The reason ptrace_attach does utrace_attach first is to preserve the order
of error diagnoses.  That is, to avoid calling ptrace_may_attach at all if
ptrace_attach is going to fail because someone is already attached.  This
keeps it consistent with vanilla ptrace.  In particular, security_ptrace
should not be called when ptrace_attach fails for the "already attached" or
"already dead" errors.  Whether the call succeeds or fails, it may trigger
security logging or whatnot that should not be done for these cases.

The utrace_attach, utrace_detach sequence in a failing ptrace_attach is
slightly costly.  But it a) shouldn't be too bad and b) is just an error
case.  Moreover, it always ought to work without crashes whether it's a
good idea or not!

Your patch fixes what's not itself a problem, and thereby masks the actual
problem that needs fixing.  Fortunately, I can now reproduce this problem
quickly using your test case.  This is the utrace_detach bug you previously
identified in, which is already #1 on the
wiki utrace/bugs list.  I wasn't using a good test case for it before, but
this case hits it.  I think some reasonable fixes are straightforward, and
now I can try one and test it with some confidence using this test case.


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