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Hello Antony,

On 10.03.24 21:33, Antony Pavlov wrote:
> Hi Ahmad!
> I have tried to rebuild barebox for BeagleV.
> Alas I was unable to reproduce the steps from Documentation/boards/riscv.rst
> because of changes in opensbi repo.
> I have successfully rebuild U-Boot from the repo
> and used it for running sbi-less BeagleV barebox image.
> I planned to use BeagleV for picotcp demonstration but BeagleV ethernet adapter
> does not works neither under U-Boot nor under barebox. My dhcp server can't even
> receive any request from BeagleV.
> Have we any chance to make BeagleV ethernet adapter works under barebox?

I've been meaning to sync barebox with the kernel, now that there's upstream
support for the JH7100. Ethernet on this SoC was a bit peculiar, because
previous RISC-V SoCs were fully cache-coherent, but the MAC on this SoC wasn't.

I got Ethernet to work though, so if it's broken now, it is a regression.

I will try building an image when I have time.



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