Re: NFSv4 boot support?

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> In order to get an idea of how routing is supposed to work I had to look
> around in the code. It's really a pain to see and I really don't want to
> have to debug it. The combination of two spaces indentation and a huge
> #ifdef density makes it really hard to read.

Indentation is affordable. We understand different people make different
choices (but I always suggest to read Linus' coding style guide, where every
choice is explained).

ifdef is a plague. There's almost no reason to use it nowadays, but I
see it had it's role when memory and processing power was so limited.

> From that experience I can understand your concerns about lwIP.


Thanks a lot for taking a serious look. I never used it myself, I only
looked at the code and heard from mates who had to make their hands

I love what Antony did, but I admit I didn't test it. My own plague is
being late with deliverables and with life in general -- but I'm sure
I'm not alone.

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