Re: NFSv4 boot support?

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>> This hasn't
>> seen development activity in 5 years.
> Please see

But the TCP/IPV4 standard didn't change, either.

>> lwIP on the other hand still sees active development.
> I agree with you. It looks like lwIP is more popular than picotcp.

Sure. It's older and it has a loyal (or addicted) user base and
commercial support. Or it just needs more commits because it'w worse and
full of bugs.

As far as I know, lwIP is horrible code, difficult to integrate and
maintain, while picotcp is designed in the right way (although I admit
I only looked at the former, about picotcp I only talked with the main
author without looking at the code).

I'd love to add mqtt to my microcontroller projects, where I have udp
but no tcp yet, and I would never rely on lwIP. That's just a personal
opinion, but I'd better not rely on the date of last commit to pick
or not pick a library.


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