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On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Charles Seeger wrote:

> +------ Patrick Vervoorn wrote (Tue, 25-Nov-2008, 09:59 +0100):
> | On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Charles Seeger wrote:
> |
> | > +------ Patrick Vervoorn wrote (Sat, 22-Nov-2008, 18:29 +0100):
> | > | I'm still here, even using trn, though it is getting more and more
> | > | unstable as time goes by. Using 'valgrind' I also notice trn is quite
> | > | sloppy with (de-)allocating it's memory...
> | >
> | > FWIW, I haven't been seeing these problems (on Solaris 8 SPARC).
> |
> | Hmmm, interesting. I've been seeing these problems both with my
> | 'home-compiled' version of trn, but also with the trn distributed via
> | Debian. Al running on Linux-x86. I, unfortunately, do not have access to
> | another architecture.
> I would expect compiler, library or source bugs before anything to
> do with cpu architecture, per se.

Yes, well, I was trying to indicate that re-compiling trn with 
another/newer compiler and/or other libraries, did not make a difference 
for the memory-related crashes. Moving to another cpu-architecture, would 
definately change the compiler- and library-related variables for sure.

> Ours is an amazingly old version
> (4.test67), built with Sun's compiler (C 4.2 with patches 104667-10 and
> 104668-05, according to the elf .comment section reported by 'mcs -p'),
> on Solaris 2.6 way back in 1998.  test76 was released in 2001.

I'm running the latest -test76 version of it.

> Perhaps I'm just lucky with the groups that I read and what our
> NNTP (INN) server dispenses.  The most annoying problem that I see
> is the thread selector sometimes dropping to the end of a group after
> reading a thread in the middle.  It seems to happen repeatedly in
> a given group during the same reading session, so I suspect is has
> something to do with the set of articles, e.g. broken references or
> some such.  ISTR that Wayne had some fixes in the later test releases,
> but haven't been annoyed enough to hunt it down.

I've noticed what you mentioned before, but didn't find it a big nuisance. 
A simple press of Ctrl-r when you're at the end, puts you back at the 

As for my memory-related problems, I do not encounter these when I read 
'regular' text-groups, even when they're pretty big and/or have a rather 
big retention. I do encounter this when skimming through binary groups, 
with up to several hundred k's of article-overviews being pulled in.

So it's possible the usenet-flow wasn't available in april 2001 when 
test76 was released, so it's never been tested with these amounts of 



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