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+------ Patrick Vervoorn wrote (Sat, 22-Nov-2008, 18:29 +0100):
| On Sat, 22 Nov 2008, Michael Schuster wrote:
| > This mailing list has become a conduit for unfiltered spam. There is
| > minimal to no topical activity, and there don't appear to be any
| > administrative controls to keep out spam. Is anyone listening?
| Yup. ;)

I guess there are a few of us remaining...

| I'm still here, even using trn, though it is getting more and more 
| unstable as time goes by. Using 'valgrind' I also notice trn is quite 
| sloppy with (de-)allocating it's memory...

FWIW, I haven't been seeing these problems (on Solaris 8 SPARC).

| Anyway, anyone still here who is actively maintaining trn?

AFAIK Wayne hasn't been working on it, and may not even be using it.
I was hoping that he might speak up.

Years ago the main holdup to releasing 4.0 was documentation.
He added three of us as "developers" on the project, but I must admit
I don't know exactly what that permits on SF, and I don't recall any
statement of any explicitly granted permissions (e.g. via cvs_acls).
Thusfar, the other two haven't posted to this thread, and their
remaining interest is unknown.  (As for myself, I took a quick look
at slrn many years ago and didn't like it as much.  I regret the
move to so many web forums and blogs, as skimming through them is
so much slower.)

Wayne is the only project adminstrator listed, so hopefully he will
make a statement of some kind.


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