Re: bug when article contains NULs

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On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 01:35:10PM +0200, Petri Kaukasoina wrote:
> Seems that his signature contains NUL characters confusing trn.

Trn doesn't consider a null character to be legal in a news article, so
it doesn't have any code to allow them to occur.  I haven't found any
definitive information on this, though.  What NNTP server are you
interacting with?  One fix would be to fix the news server/NNTP
transport layer to not try to put nulls into lines.  The other possible
fix would be to change trn to not use fgets() in nntp_gets(), but to
instead read every character one at a time (since there is no way to
know with fgets() if there were nulls read in the data).


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