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On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, William Denton wrote:

> I got access again to a news server that has binary groups.  Many of the
> MP3s are encoded with yEnc, which I'd never seen before, though I
> remembered some controvery about it.  What's the best way to get trn
> decoding the files?  I installed yencode, which includes the ydecode
> utility, but no matter how I save the files it won't decode them properly.
> Is there an incantation that will make it all work as nicely as trn does
> with uuencoded files?  Selecting and then saying ":e" is so nice.

ydecode requires a filename argument, I believe. If you're running Linux
or another system that uses /dev/stdin as a device file for standard
input, then you can ydecode a news article within trn by typing

  |ydecode /dev/stdin

Or you can select multiple articles and then try

  :|ydecode /dev/stdin

If that works for you, then create a trn macro to speed things up.


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