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On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Matt Ackeret wrote:

> How can I change the address I'm posting with?  (And hopefully retain the
> ability to cancel messages I post from then on..)

Assuming you're using a version 4 trn:

In your trnrc file (probably ~/.trn/trnrc), put a line like this:

  FROM = " (David Sewell)"

and trn will use the value in the "From: " line of postings.

In order to cancel messages, however, you need to compile trn with a
"hostbits" value other than the default. If you don't compile your own
trn you may be out of luck on canceling. If you do, when you run the
Configure script and it asks you about "how many dot-separated words at
the end" of a hostname to use for cancelling and superseding, enter "2".
(Or edit and change the hostbits value to 2, then recompile.)


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