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I think this is an RTFM kind of question, but the manual for trn is kind
of complex.. (so please help out an old-bie)

How can I change the address I'm posting with?  (And hopefully retain the
ability to cancel messages I post from then on..)

My personal acct's news server sucks, and I only recently realized my work's
news server is pretty decent..  While you obviously can still tell from
the headers where I'm posting from, I'd just rather have my personal acct
on my Usenet posts (and lesser, the address harvesters [if they really exist]
will see my personal acct, though I've aleady posted from my work address)..

Also, especially after using my work feed (which I guess has way more
complete threads) I'm noticing things like this:

d Corwin2           2  >Presidio Med now airs on both Friday and Wednesday
  Ian J. Ball
  The Girl Connor   5  Friday Overnight Ratings 1/17
  Ian J. Ball

This is in reverse date order sorting..

Yet if I actually # on the 'd' item, it does show me the beginning of
the thread (i.e. the third message listed).  Is this correct?

If it is correct, is there any way I can get some halfway mixed sort order?
i.e. I want to enter a group and see the newest-modified threads first, but
I guess I'd like the threads to actually show which article(s) I'll really
be viewing first.

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