Re: list.c/what are its operating parameters?/is it broken?

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On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Bill Bogstad wrote:
> If you don't think this should be happening, then I can run trn under
> gdb again and try to figure out the cirumstances when I see this
> happening.

I'm pretty stale on trn code these days, but obviously the code had
assumed that the list would never grow lower than the lowest value set
during the list's creation.  Of all the calls to new_list(), only one of
them passes in something besides "0" as the low value, so I assume that
your crash case is concerning the "article_list", which passes in a low
value of "absfirst".  Theoretically, no article should exist lower than
this value, but I don't remember with any certainty if the code ever
guesses this value in some cases and then resets absfirst value downward
later on.  If such is the case, I'd prefer to have the code tweak the
list->low value when it modifies the absfirst value downward (rather
than adding code for this to list.c).  I looked around in the code and
didn't see any place that might reset absfirst downward, so perhaps you
could let me know in what circumstances this crash can occur?  Is the
list in question actually the article_list?  If so, is the asked-for
value also lower than absfirst?


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