Re: list.c/what are its operating parameters?/is it broken?

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Wayne wrote:
>On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Bill Bogstad wrote:
>> If you don't think this should be happening, then I can run trn under
>> gdb again and try to figure out the cirumstances when I see this
>> happening.
>I'm pretty stale on trn code these days, but obviously the code had
>assumed that the list would never grow lower than the lowest value set
>during the list's creation.  Of all the calls to new_list(), only one of
>them passes in something besides "0" as the low value, so I assume that
>your crash case is concerning the "article_list", which passes in a low
>value of "absfirst".  Theoretically, no article should exist lower than
>this value, but I don't remember with any certainty if the code ever
>guesses this value in some cases and then resets absfirst value downward
>later on.  If such is the case, I'd prefer to have the code tweak the
>list->low value when it modifies the absfirst value downward (rather
>than adding code for this to list.c).  I looked around in the code and

I'ld consider that a breaking of the abstraction that the LIST type
provides to the rest of trn's code.  Truthfully, I also can't follow
the listnum2listitem() code well enough to be sure of the effects if
the code actually tried to access something in the new range of items.
One concern, I have is that depending on access patterns; we could end
up with two LISTNODES with overlaping ranges in the article_list.  I
think that wherever we change list->low, we are going to have to
reduce it by some multiple of list->items_per_node and not just set it
to the new (lower) absfirst value.

>didn't see any place that might reset absfirst downward, so perhaps you
>could let me know in what circumstances this crash can occur?  Is the
>list in question actually the article_list?  If so, is the asked-for
>value also lower than absfirst?

The only time I saw a crash was when it was the article_list list.  I
wasn't aware of absfirst, so I don't know anything about its value at
the time.  I'll see if I can provoke the problem again and get more

				Bill Bogstad

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