Re: TRN: almost all threads got marked; how2Undo that?

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On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, David Combs wrote:
> So, I guess it'd be safest for me *wait* for an explanation
> of how the above-described "-"-op will via some hidden magic
> make those articles become UN-selected.

Just read the man page:

               Apply a set of commands to a set of  articles.   A
               range  consists  of  either  <article  number>  or
               <article number>-<article number>.  A dot '.' rep­
               resents the current article, and a dollar sign '$'
               represents the last article.
               Applicable commands include 'm' (mark as  unread),
               'M' (mark as read-until-exit), 'j' (mark as read),
               "s dest" (save to a destination), "e dir" (extract
               to  directory),  "!command"  (shell  escape),  "="
               (print the subject), '+'/'-' (select/deselect  the
               article),  'T+'  (auto-select  the entire thread),
               'TJ'  (auto-junk  the  entire  thread),  "++"/"--"
               (select/deselect the associated thread), 'C' (can­
               cel), as well as S, |, w, W, and t.
               Apply a command to all  the  selected  threads  or
               their selected articles.  Use "::command" to apply
               it  to  all  non-selected  threads/articles.   For
               applicable  commands, see the discussion above for
               the range command.


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