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Emacs, when in a DIRED buffer: you go down
the file-list and mark this one and that one
and this other one "D" -- to be deleted from
the disk, ie from the computer.

A somewhat dangerous operation, if you've made
a mistake and marked-D some files you actually
want to keep.

So, what emacs dired-mod does is, when you
hit "x" (char, bound to a delete command),
if first creates a clear area of screen,
and and shows in that space the *names*
of *all* the files you marked "D" on and
that it is now just about to actually
delete (due to you hitting the "x").

So, you scan your eyes over all those names,
and only if you are happy with what you've
chosen, you reply "yes" to your x-caused
prompt "delete these files?", it then
actually deletes them.

Similar scheme would be nice, someday,
in trn.  

(So that we don't by mistake delete that
followup-post  from the boss, before 
even reading it!)

So, maybe someone'll add this to the to-do-someday



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