if "q" active, please *add* it to prompt-lists, et [xyz%+q].

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Somehow I got into this situation:

     Unkill: +select, thread, subthread, or all? [+tsan] 

I don't know what I did to get there, I
had no idea what it was talking about (select,
thread (which thread?), subthread, and

I really thought I was screwed -- I sure
didn't want to hit a newline, because
it appeared to me that the default would
be executed -- a "+", and I sure had *no*
idea what *that* might do.

And there was no "q" listed there, so I
knew I couldn't do that.

I believe I tried ^G, and then ^L (just
to keep the connection from timing out);
whatever I'd typed (maybe a U-something?)
that'd gotten me into that dead end,
I had no idea what to do.

kill -1

kill -9


Anyway, I finally decided to try q, just for
the hell of it.  MIRACLE OF MIRACLES - the
q extracted me from that "briar patch".


All the lengthy above just to let you know
that there *are* a few of us "los klutzos"
out there for whom the visible "q" would be
a BIG help.




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