Re: WHAT is this! Base64! How to get unencoded output to file?

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On Sat, 20 Apr 2002, David Combs wrote:
> For the first time ever, I finally did an "s" save
> to a file of a msg that on-screen (trn) looked just
> fine, all ascii -- but then in that file I "s"'d
> it to, the body had all this gibberish:

Yes, saving the article saves the raw article, not trn's interpretation
of the article -- this is the best thing to do, and preserves the
original poster's intent (since we save exactly what they sent).  I
glanced a bit at the code, and I don't believe that there's a way to get
the save command to save trn's interpretation of the article, nor to ask
'e'xtract to save a text article, so it looks like you'd have to use
something like munpack on the saved file to decode it again.


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