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On Thu, January 25, 2024 8:26 pm, James B. Byrne wrote:
> On Thu, January 25, 2024 14:38, Paul Lesniewski wrote:
>>> I have gotten SM to run under php-8.3.  However, following
>>> authentication
>>> I now
>>> see this in the message pane:
>>> ERROR: Bad or malformed request.
>>> Query: FETCH
>>> 1,3:5,7,10,12,18:19,28,50,119,121:123,125,127:128,132:135,138
>>> From
>>> Subject X-Priority Importance Priority Content-Type )])
>>> Server responded: Invalid field-name in UID Fetch
>> You'll want to look for a solution for this with whatever IMAP server it
>> is you are using.
> I downloaded and installed the latest svn stable snapshot and that fixed
> the malformed headers problem. The original installation was also cured by
> simply copying in the functions from the stable build directory over the
> existing installation (after copying both to some safe place).

Sorry, I assumed you already had up-to-date code. Normally that's always
an expectation here.

> Now my problem is that I cannot get the shared calendar plugin to work.

So debug it same as anything else -- enable PHP logging and watch your
logs. Also if problems persist, show the versions of the involved
software. The shared_calendars plugin has evolved to the calendar_advanced
plugin that doesn't overwrite the stock calendar plugin to avoid whatever
oddities you ran into.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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