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On Thu, January 25, 2024 14:38, Paul Lesniewski wrote:
>> I have gotten SM to run under php-8.3.  However, following authentication
>> I now
>> see this in the message pane:
>> ERROR: Bad or malformed request.
>> Query: FETCH 1,3:5,7,10,12,18:19,28,50,119,121:123,125,127:128,132:135,138
>> From
>> Subject X-Priority Importance Priority Content-Type )])
>> Server responded: Invalid field-name in UID Fetch BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS
> You'll want to look for a solution for this with whatever IMAP server it
> is you are using.

I downloaded and installed the latest svn stable snapshot and that fixed the
malformed headers problem. The original installation was also cured by simply
copying in the functions from the stable build directory over the existing
installation (after copying both to some safe place).

Now my problem is that I cannot get the shared calendar plugin to work.

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