Which version of squirrelmail?

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Hi, I'm struggling with getting SM working properly. I previously reported
that I started using the version from SVN:

$ svn checkout

but that appears to not be supported by php-8.1, so I tried the development

$ svn checkout

which I didn't realize was v1.5.2-SVN, not v1.4.23-SVN.

Does the 1.4 tree have support for php-8.1 (yet)?

The problem I'm having with v1.5 is that the existing theme support seems
to have changed substantially, and I don't have the resources to convert
all of the v1.4 themes, which appears to amount to nothing more than
defining the colors, vs the v1.5 themes which are entire CSS stylesheets.

Then there's of course some of the plugins that don't work with v1.5.

Ideas greatly appreciated.

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