Re: php-8 upgrade left some users unable to login

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>> I've recently upgraded my SM to the latest 1.4.23-svn to support
>> php-8.0.25 on fedora35 with apache-2.4.54 and it appears some users are
>> unable to login. It results in an apache 500 error that I don't know how
>> to
>> troubleshoot. Some users have no difficulty logging in. I've also
>> deleted
>> any user prefs or data/ info related to the user.
>> I've also enabled html_errors, log_errors, display_startup_errors,
>> error_reporting = E_ALL, and error_log, but there aren't any errors
>> generated when the 500 error occurs. The only indication that an error
>> occurred is in modsec_security.log:
>> --35225a73-F--
>> HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
> Just to follow up here - I fixed the problem. It turns out it was an
> unterminated comment in the css template some users were using. Apparently
> it previously didn't matter with older versions of PHP, but now causes the
> entire application to cease operating. Ridiculous.

Thanks for following up.  Can you indicate what stylesheet that is?  We
want to fix that if it's something we are distributing.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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