Re: Squirrelmail does not load after upgrade for Fedora 35, ISE 500

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> I ended up backing up the config files and dropped the files in place.
> When
> logging in I did get asked to enter my reply email address so is there a
> preferences file that I missed?

Possibly your plugin configuration files.  If you're using version 1.5.2
then you should also migrate plugin_hooks.php as well as the plugins you
installed manually.

> I also noticed the warning message about
> using the old config file that mentions there are probably new options and
> to just use

Another thing you can do is re-configure from scratch and use diff to see
if there's anything you missed.

> I do see now that there is a subfolder called 'mail'
> that has an additional Drafts, Sent and Trash folder

Best way to fix this is to run and use option D to select your
IMAP server

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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