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Good Morning.

I save off my email via years.  I created a folder called "old-email", and as sub-folders to this, I create two folders for each year; 1)
'email-year', and 2) 'sent-email-year'.

The structure looks like this (using 2005 as the 'year'):

- old-email
   - email-2005
   - email-2006
   - sent-email-2005
   - etc, etc, etc

Problem/Issue: The 'received' email folder (ie email-2005) has the From field displayed, so I know the sender.  The 'sent-email-2005'
folder is also displaying the 'From' field, but I need it to show the "To" field, so I know who the recipient is.

How can I change this???

My assumption is this is more a postfix/dovecot issue, but I'm hoping someone can steer me to the file needed to modify...



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