Re: faulty email contents or an issue ?

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On Fri, March 19, 2021 6:45 pm, Paul Lesniewski wrote:
>> I get certain email from a particular sender that have a header as
>> below, and, that display as below:
> (reply based on receiving the actual email itself offlist)

thank you

>If you click on "View as HTML" you will see the message (requires
> view_as_html plugin in 1.4.x).  The message text is off center in SM
> version 1.5.2 due to a namespace clash in the CSS (which I will fix
> soon), but it's still readable.  It displays perfectly in SM version
> 1.4.23.

what's the 'best' version to use, 1.4.x rather than 1.5.x ?

is there some update procedure, or it it simple a matter of d/l new
version, installing to a new directory and, change/set http path/link ?


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