Re: configuring SquirrelMail Dovecot and wforced to display end user IP; auth_policy_server_url

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On 2019/04/12 7:16, Robert Kudyba wrote:
>     > Thanks Paul! I tried the new code. Squirrelamil is definitely slower
>     > with these options added.
>     If you have metrics or profiling traces that quantify this, I'd love to
>     see that.  The added code does (should) not add all that much - it's
>     just a single extra and very simple IMAP ID command.  Did you use the
>     configuration variable that disables response parsing?
> I have these logs, notice it takes over a minute to destroy the
> connection but perhaps that's normal?

No, that really doesn't tell much.  Web server logs are better, but the
best is timing profile of the PHP requests.  I still don't see any
impact of adding the ID command, inbox views for example are still
split-second fast, before and after.  I seriously doubt this has caused
any problems unless you've configured Dovecot unusually.

>  >>>Did you use the configuration variable that disables response parsing?
> Yes in  /etc/squirrelmail/config_local.php I added:
> $imap_id_command_args = array('remote-host' => '###REMOTE ADDRESS###');
> $do_not_parse_imap_id_command_response = TRUE;
>     > And still no source IP of end user but perhaps
>     > there logs may shed a light? Or what should
>      auth_policy_server_url be?
>     The rest of your question is about Dovecot, it is not relevant to this
>     list.  I suggest first sniffing the IMAP connection to make sure the ID
>     command with the IP address is being sent and acknowledged by Dovecot,
>     then synchronizing your configuration and debugging that. 
> Any tips on how to do that? Sniffing as in Wireshark?

Yes, or ngrep, etc

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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