Re: configuring SquirrelMail Dovecot and wforced to display end user IP; auth_policy_server_url

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On 2019年04月01日 08:30, Robert Kudyba wrote:
> squirrelmail-1.4.23-0.fc29.20180816.noarch, on Fedora 29.with dovecot-2.3.3-1.fc29.x86_64
> I posted on the Dovecot mailing list, <>, and their admin suggested finding a setting in SquirrelMail.
> I have wforce running correctly with Dovecot, see However, the IP logged is always of the SquirrelMail server or localhost. Is there e plugin or setting that I can change to get weakforced to correctly show the end user IP?

Well, I've had code sitting around for a while that implements RFC2971
(ID command), so I just committed it.  You can use it for this purpose
by putting something like this into your config/config_local.php

$imap_id_command_args = array('remote-host' => '###REMOTE ADDRESS###');

If you don't care about Dovecot's response in SquirrelMail and want to
save a few CPU cycles, add this too:

$do_not_parse_imap_id_command_response = TRUE;

The code will show up in our next daily snapshot for 1.4.23 or get a
patch here:

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