Squirrelmail is too security conscious

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On Wed, October 31, 2018 12:10, Zsolt Udvari wrote:

> What version of php do you use? Please be aware to install the correct
> version of
> squirrelmail (please note the -php* postfixes).
On Wed, October 31, 2018 11:53, James B. Byrne via squirrelmail-users
> We are using FreeBSD-11.2p4 as the SM web service host.
> That host has php56-5.6.38 installed
> The client browser is FireFox 63.0esr (64 bit)

I have checked this issue with a FF profile that is the default
shipped with the package.  I obtain the same results.  After a few
minutes the composing window will give an error when send is pressed. 
But if one is quick enough then the send will succeed.

As in this case.  I took the precaution of copying the entire message
before sending but I got the error in the length of time it took to
compose the foregoing.

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