Squirrelmail is too security conscious

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This is ridiculous.  I cannot compose a message of any reasonable
length in a separate window in SM without getting a security error
when I try and send.

SquirrelMail version 1.4.23 [SVN]
By the SquirrelMail Project Team
The current page request appears to have originated from an untrusted
Go to the login page

When I try to recover the message contents and go back to the previous
page I get this:

Document Expired

This document is no longer available.

The requested document is not available in Firefox?s cache.

    As a security precaution, Firefox does not automatically
re-request sensitive documents.
    Click Try Again to re-request the document from the website.

Where is this 'FEATURE'? configured and how do I turn it off?

***          e-Mail is NOT a SECURE channel          ***
        Do NOT transmit sensitive data via e-Mail
 Do NOT open attachments nor follow links sent by e-Mail

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