vlogin plugin configuration issue

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We recently moved from SM-1.4.22 (CentOS-6.9) to SM-1.4.23
(FreeBSD-11.2p4).  One of the plugins that we use is vlogin.  We
configured the new install vlogin data/config.php file to match the
changes that we have configured in the old location. However, I must
have missed something.

In the vlogin/data/config.php file we have this assignment:

 'org_title'  => '(isset($_SESSION["username"]) ?
$_SESSION["username"] . " - Mail" : "Mail")',

And this exact string is what is showing in the title of the webpage
that squirrelmail displays.  I infer that this means that username is
not being initialised somewhere.  So, what have I missed setting and

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