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I am using SquirrelMail versión 1.4.22 with a postfix, and courier IMAP.
I have a bi big problem. 

Sent mail is set to:
But i want set to:

I go to options / folder set / sent elements and choose Enviados ( sent in 
spanish) .fter that i save the configuration pressing send.

When i reload (F5 or logout and login)  again is 

OK, seem user problem but not:
I go to data folder and find:
# grep -irn "2018" *

i edit the file manually and erase 2018.07 check no one place say 2018.07
# grep -irn "2018" *

I login and VOILAaaaa again pref are restored to the initial 2018.07

I try erase the Enviados.2018.07

I try to do:
1) Change the optios
2) Edit the file
3) Erase Enviados.2018.07
4) Erase Cookies

All independient and all at same time, i try to do loged in, and loged out.

I dont know from where squirrel get 2018.07 if no place en webmail folder have 
this string.

Best Regards

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